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A Note from our Founder:

I founded Westminster Wealth Management in 2007 with a focus on family, life balance, education, and service. We understand our clients and community because we live here, serve here, and have lived through the many life situations our clients experience. Our team is poised to advise our clients to improve their financial health and develop financial goals and plans to grow and preserve wealth for the future.

My Story

In 2000 I was working my way up the corporate ladder. I was married with 4 children under 10 years old. Life was busy and getting busier each day- The days, weeks, months seemed to fly by. Working a corporate job certainly had its perks, but also its drawbacks. The steady paycheck and job security was comfortable and safe, but my job was all-consuming. Family events were missed, and many a day off or vacation day was spent on conference calls, etc. Not being there for my young family was starting to weigh on my mind.

It was then that my father passed away; I was 38 years old.

Like most families during that time, my father handled the money and my mother the house. My father was a family man and a great example of service to others. If he wasn’t working, he was serving the needs of our church, helping friends or volunteering in the community. These important values were instilled in me and my siblings from a very young age. His unexpected passing left a large void of responsibility and my mother needed assistance. My mom understood what bills needed to be paid but did not know how the checking account got “refilled”. While grieving the loss of my father, juggling my busy life and stressful job, I helped my mother get her finances in order and manage the household bills while protecting her retirement. As my mother and I navigated through this experience, it was clear to me that there must be so many people like my mom who needed this kind of assistance.

Getting a crash course in asset management, retirement planning, legacy and estate planning was overwhelming at first, but as a lifelong student, I soon realized that I was very interested in learning more about these subjects and understanding how effective financial planning can change a family’s life. It was in that moment that I decided I could no longer justify missing precious family time, my children’s sporting events, recitals, or milestones for my job. I knew that I needed a better work/life balance and decided to work toward making a change.

I understood the benefits of financial planning, retirement planning, and wealth management and knew I could make a difference in the lives of others by making financial advising a career. I started researching, taking classes, studying, and getting licensed. In 2007 I made the switch from a corporate job to opening my own business. I continue to research and learn every day and have made education a large part of the WWM business for me, my team, and our clients. This enables us to provide the best advice and develop the best plans. As we consider strategies and develop plans with our clients, we provide advice and options to create flexible plans that change and adapt as life situations change.

At Westminster Wealth Management our team understands our clients and the communities we serve. We build strong, lifelong relationships and treat our customers like family. My team and I look forward to serving those who strive to improve and preserve their financial health no matter their stage in life – a recent college grad, a newlywed, new parents, college planning, on the cusp of retiring, or working through wealth transfer strategies. We are here and we can help.

I am proud of the work I do as a financial, life planning advisor and enjoy the opportunities to educate and be of service to others and at the same time assist them in creating their tomorrow, today.

I invite you to learn more about WWM by scheduling a complimentary initial consultation, or signup for one of our free educational seminars. We look forward to serving you.



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