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Before entering the financial planning industry, Kevin L. Lynch was a senior executive with a large telecommunications company where he oversaw the operations of the international network and was responsible for a budget program of $800 million and led an organization of 7,500 telecom professionals. He was the senior executive responsible for the company’s network recovery following the 9/11 disaster in New York City in 2001. In this capacity, Kevin had the opportunity to meet with financial planners where he observed their focus on investment planning, not financial planning. This sparked Kevin’s interest in learning more about financial planning and realized that he could make a difference by helping to educate people about setting life goals and creating financial plans.

In 2007 Kevin joined the American Prosperity Group (APG) where he spent eight and a half years as a retirement and estate planning specialist. Recognizing the broader needs of his clients, Kevin decided to start his own independent firm where he could offer a wide range of products and services to meet the distinct needs of his clients.

Westminster Wealth Management was founded in 2016. WWM takes a holistic approach to meet our clients’ needs and goals today and in the future. We design plans that that help our clients achieve financial success and experience the lifestyle that comes with effective financial planning.

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