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At Westminster Wealth Management, we have you—and only you—in mind.

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Westminster Wealth Management is founded in family and service

Everything we do a WWM is focused around creating a personalized holistic plan that is designed to elevate the potential and successfully accomplish your desired goals. The plan must be holistic as the accomplishment of one goal cannot derail another. For example, funding college should not have a negative effect on your desired plans for retirement.

At WWM, we educate our clients on all areas of financial plans to achieve the best results for each client. We have seven areas of focus in our planning: cash planning, investment planning, tax planning, risk planning, estate planning, charitable planning and value add planning (ex. Social security optimization, Medicare planning, etc.). We are customer centric and believe in building long-term client relationships. We work with our clients through all life stages ensuring their personal financial plans remain relevant and timely.

Our ultimate goal is to be your financial coach and trusted advisor for life.

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