Six Ages to Open the Door! Part 3

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In 2020, the world came face-to-face with a global pandemic. The COVID-19 virus crossed borders, spread quickly, infected more than 200 million worldwide, and killed more than 4 million without deference1 – regardless if you’re 25 or 85 the risk of any life-threatening illness can come knocking. Even today, while doctors are working feverishly to save lives, the financial ruin left behind is one more wound that requires addressing and time to heal. Life insurance will never save us from death, but it can provide a much-needed financial lifeline to pay medical expenses and provide support for loved ones left behind. And since there isn’t a cure for this virus, and we now see that the unexpected can happen at any age, the reasons to open the door to protection by life insurance could never be louder. Click the link to read!